Striking Syria will push the Middle East over the brink

September 12, 2013

The crisis in Syria has escalated to a point where the Obama administration is at a yield sign. It does not know whether to stop and let the crisis burn itself out, or proceed with consequences that could take an already unstable region over the brink ("The decisive moment," Sept. 9).

With Congress debating on a yes or no verdict to proceed with military action, Russia is already taunting the United States with threats to aid Syria if that country is attacked. What will this do? Could it possibly lead to another Cold War?

Our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, will be caught in the middle of it all if Congress approves what the president wants. Even if it doesn't and the president uses his executive authority to launch a strike, he will be the sole bearer of the consequences that will definitely affect Israel's future.

If this happens, the United States will have to put boots on the ground and another war with no end will begin.

Michael Hayes, Harrisburg, Pa.

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