Ilegal Mezcal founder pouring at Birroteca

September 11, 2013|Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

First of all, mezcal is not tequila.

Tequila can only be made from the blue agave plant, while mezcal can be made from a whole bunch of different kind of agaves. But it's mezcal’s production method, primarily the use of an underground baking process, that imparts its distinctive smoky flavor.

You can find out a whole lot more about mezcal at Birroteca tonight, when Ilegal Mezcal founder Stephen Myers will be behind the bar, mixing cocktails and telling customers about mezcal’s unique production techniques. Myers will also be sharing stories about the origins of the Ilegal Mezcal brand, which were, apparently, not so legal.

Think smuggling.

The Ilegal Mezcal happy hour at Birroteca, 1520 Clipper Road, is 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. tonight. For information call 443-708-1934 or go to

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