Why must U.S. attack Syria?

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
September 08, 2013

If I truly believed Syria's Bashar Assad used Sarin gas to kill his people, I'd be outraged ("Where is the outrage?" Sept. 4). However, after watching much of Tuesday's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, I'm troubled by the overuse of the term, "alleged." The word suggests doubt.

If Syria's "alleged" actions are so dangerous, where are that country's neighbors? The Israeli Air Force could strike Damascus within minutes. And next door is Turkey with a large standing army. It appears they're not too alarmed.

So why must America, a half-planet away, launch an attack against a sovereign nation, one that has done nothing to harm us? Let's not forget, the Iraq War was initiated shortly after the terror attacks of September 11, and Americans were let to believe there was complicity. When this proved false, the entire Middle East battlefield became suspect. Now it's happening again. Why should President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry be surprised?

R.E. Heid, Baltimore

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