NFL Week 1 picks from The Baltimore Sun staff

Our experts give their predictions for the Sunday and Monday games

September 07, 2013|The Baltimore Sun


Patriots at Bills

Monique Jones: Patriots
Mike Preston: Patriots
Peter Schmuck: Patriots
Matt Vensel: Patriots
Aaron Wilson: Patriots
Jeff Zrebiec: Patriots
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Patriots

Titans at Steelers

Monique Jones: Steelers
Mike Preston: Steelers
Peter Schmuck: Steelers
Matt Vensel: Steelers
Aaron Wilson: Steelers
Jeff Zrebiec: Steelers
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Steelers

Falcons at Saints

Monique Jones: Falcons
Mike Preston: Falcons
Peter Schmuck: Saints
Matt Vensel: Saints
Aaron Wilson: Falcons
Jeff Zrebiec: Saints
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Saints

Buccaneers at Jets

Monique Jones: Buccaneers
Mike Preston: Buccaneers
Peter Schmuck: Jets
Matt Vensel: Buccaneers
Aaron Wilson: Buccaneers
Jeff Zrebiec: Buccaneers
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Buccaneers

Chiefs at Jaguars

Monique Jones: Chiefs
Mike Preston: Chiefs
Peter Schmuck: Chiefs
Matt Vensel: Chiefs
Aaron Wilson: Chiefs
Jeff Zrebiec: Chiefs
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Chiefs

Seahawks at Panthers

Monique Jones: Seahawks
Mike Preston: Seahawks
Peter Schmuck: Seahawks
Matt Vensel: Seahawks
Aaron Wilson: Seahawks
Jeff Zrebiec: Seahawks
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Seahawks

Bengals at Bears

Monique Jones: Bengals
Mike Preston: Bengals
Peter Schmuck: Bears
Matt Vensel: Bengals
Aaron Wilson: Bengals
Jeff Zrebiec: Bengals
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Bengals

Dolphins at Browns

Monique Jones: Dolphins
Mike Preston: Dolphins
Peter Schmuck: Browns
Matt Vensel: Browns
Aaron Wilson: Dolphins
Jeff Zrebiec: Browns
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Dolphins

Vikings at Lions

Monique Jones: Lions
Mike Preston: Lions
Peter Schmuck: Lions
Matt Vensel: Lions
Aaron Wilson: Vikings
Jeff Zrebiec: Lions
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Lions

Raiders at Colts

Monique Jones: Colts
Mike Preston: Colts
Peter Schmuck: Colts
Matt Vensel: Colts
Aaron Wilson: Colts
Jeff Zrebiec: Colts
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Colts

Packers at 49ers

Monique Jones: 49ers
Mike Preston: 49ers
Peter Schmuck: 49ers
Matt Vensel: 49ers
Aaron Wilson: 49ers
Jeff Zrebiec: Packers
Stan "The Fan" Charles: 49ers

Cardinals at Rams

Monique Jones: Cardinals
Mike Preston: Rams
Peter Schmuck: Rams
Matt Vensel: Rams
Aaron Wilson: Rams
Jeff Zrebiec: Rams
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Rams

Giants at Cowboys

Monique Jones: Cowboys
Mike Preston: Cowboys
Peter Schmuck: Cowboys
Matt Vensel: Cowboys
Aaron Wilson: Cowboys
Jeff Zrebiec: Cowboys
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Cowboys


Eagles at Redskins

Monique Jones: Redskins
Mike Preston: Redskins
Peter Schmuck: Redskins
Matt Vensel: Redskins
Aaron Wilson: Redskins
Jeff Zrebiec: Redskins
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Redskins

Texans at Chargers

Monique Jones: Texans
Mike Preston: Texans
Peter Schmuck: Texans
Matt Vensel: Texans
Aaron Wilson: Texans
Jeff Zrebiec: Texans
Stan "The Fan" Charles: Texans

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