Terry Frei: Broncos DE Derek Wolfe puts scary moment behind him


September 04, 2013|By Terry Frei | The Denver Post

It hushed a Seattle stadium. Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe was down and motionless. The Denver training and medical staff made every move with ultra caution. Rarely does this sort of scene portend the horrific, but it can. Ask Mike Utley, the Detroit Lions guard who was paralyzed from the waist down after suffering fractured neck vertebrae during a November 1991 game. He spent considerable time during rehabilitation at the world-renowned Craig Hospital in Englewood. Or think of The Citadel's Marc Buoniconti, New England's Darryl Stingley or Rutgers' Eric LeGrand.

Yes, it happens rarely, but it happens too often.

Wolfe was immobilized on a stretcher, wheeled into an ambulance and driven away from CenturyLink Field, headed for a hospital, and the game resumed.

Because the game's always on.

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