Thankful for assistance received in Harford [letter to the editor]

September 04, 2013


Four good Samaritans of Harford County came to our aid recently. Our right front tire went flat with a noisy blast, as we drove along Route 155 near Churchville. Forced to pull over, we found ourselves on a narrow breakdown lane with limited foothold and a bubbling stream a few feet below.

As we undid our spare, a telephone company truck pulled in ahead of us. Grabbing our jack, a cheery voice said: "I'll do this."

Next moment, a resident from a nearby farmhouse came with his tools and began to help the first man. Five minutes later, a friendly garage man arrived and helped gather up tools and appreciate the job done by the first two.

Next morning, we stopped at the garage of a friend. He speedily repaired the damage and replaced the tire.

Thank you four noble citizens of Harford County. We are touched by your generous thoughtfulness. We're glad that our grandchildren are growing up in your neighborhood.

Ruth and Les Gallihue

Smyrna, De.

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