Your official Ravens season-opener drinking game

Enjoy. Responsibly.

  • Drink up. The Ravens are playing. Just follow our rules.
Drink up. The Ravens are playing. Just follow our rules. (Matt Roth / Patuxent Publishing )
September 03, 2013|By Adam Gutekunst | For The Baltimore Sun

Yeah, we know. The game isn't in Baltimore. And whether you've moved on and are just excited for the season to kick off or you're still in a deep state of depression, there's only one thing to do: drink.

So, why not make it fun? Follow these rules and you'll be among the most boozed Baltimoreans in the city by halftime.

Take a drink if

• Joe Flacco's new contract (six-year, $126 million) is mentioned.

• Someone says something about the fact that "Ray Lewis is no longer on the Ravens." Or something similar.

• Peyton Manning calls an audible at the line of scrimmage.

• The names Ed Reed, Paul Kruger or Anquan Boldin are mentioned.

• Cris Collinsworth makes a smug comment.

• You can't locate Torrey Smith on the field now that he has cut his dreadlocks.

Take a shot if

• There's a replay of Jacoby Jones' touchdown catch from last year's divisional playoff game.

• Someone makes a lame Jacoby Jones, "Dancing With the Stars" joke.

• Pictures are shown of the defaced Flacco posters in Denver.

• Peyton Manning is referred to as a "field general" or a "surgeon."

• You can't hear anyone in Denver shout out "O" when the national anthem is played.

• Ex-Bronco linebacker Elvis Dumervil is booed by the Denver fans

Finish your drink if

• The blackout in New Orleans is mentioned.

• Tim Tebow is brought up.

• They give an update on the Orioles/White Sox score.

• Someone mentions the thin Denver air playing a role in the game.

• Last year's Super Bowl is referred to as the "Harbowl."

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