Drop in school ratings should be of greater concern

August 30, 2013

The article about the results of the new report of the school ratings blew my mind ("Fewer schools get top ratings," Aug. 28).

A school official was quoted as saying that the sky is not falling. No, it is not but the ground is certainly very shaky. Anyone with a tiny bit of experience with statistics can see how skewed the results will appear to the general public.

If the schools were required to submit this new system, they should have at least released it with a parallel report using the old system so that it might not be so misleading. Improvements in the success rate of individual schools is definitely an important factor to be measured.

However, if Maryland's public school systems expect to gain the support of the public, they need to provide more easily understood ratings of the schools and not sow the seeds of panic and outrage that this report is likely to do.

Alan L. Katz, Owings Mills

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