A Republican 'civil war'?

August 28, 2013

Once again, I am shocked by the blatantly biased treatment many media outlets continue to heap on the Republican Party ("GOP struggles to overcome adversity," Aug. 23).

The coverage of the appointment of two new state senators, one from Democratic Montgomery County, the other from the Republican Eastern Shore, has been decidedly slanted.

In both cases there are furtive communications and ill-natured jockeying on all sides affecting the central committee decisions. However, as far as the media is concerned, all is good in Montgomery County, while there is a "virtual civil war" going on in the Republican Party.

In fact, as the Washington Post reported Aug.10, there is serious discontent among minorities in Montgomery County over the all-white makeup of the county Senate delegation, despite the fact that Montgomery is a majority-minority county.

Professor Bilal Ayyub, the handpicked candidate of several minority community groups, withdrew from consideration Aug. 26, claiming that the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee had already decided to appoint Del. Brian Feldman as a result of aggressive lobbying and endorsements from other powerful elected officials. But is there now a brewing race war in the Democratic Party?

On the Republican side, by contrast, there are more than a dozen candidates vying for four county central committees. Like the Democrats, there are accusations of lobbying and behind-the-scenes maneuvering. However, there is no indication that this is anything more than jostling between two sets of supporters of for two sitting delegates.

On the Democratic side you actually have current, white elected officials preventing the diversification of the caucus representing a majority-minority county. I have a hard time believing the Republicans are the only ones facing a "civil war."

Jack Lucas

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