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'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Now You See Me, Now You Don't'

August 28, 2013|By Tionah Lee | For The Baltimore Sun

Spencer tells the girls she thinks Ali is the red coat she was chasing, who led her to her lair. When the girls arrive in the den, they notice all of their secrets, a timeline of each major event and computers with cameras documenting every move.  After finding blazers and putting together all of the clues, the girls figure out that Ali is still alive (gasp!) and whoever the older gentlemen is in the board shorts, who spent summers with Ali … is A.

As the girls head to the party to get to Ali before A can, they are stopped by Mrs. Grunwald. She informs the girls that she was with Ali the night she disappeared. She says she found her way back to Rosewood and saw Ali bloody and reaching out of the unmarked grave. She then put Ali into her car and took her to the hospital. When she went in to get help, Ali slipped out of the car and she hasn’t seen her since.

Because of her gift, Mrs. Grunwald knows that A is in Ravenswood, looking for Ali. Fearing the girls will lead A to her, she demands they leave, then disappears herself. 

The girls decide they are going to dress up and crash the party.

We see A, dressed in black, watching the girls as they go into the town store. A makes his/her way back to the lair, the camera cuts and we see Ezra all dressed in black, with a low black baseball cap.

Yes! Ezra is A, and he is angry!  

WHY? The saga of Aria and Ezra has just gotten deeper, our list of questions has grown by 20 and nothing can ever be right in the world again. Hopefully, by the Oct. 22 premiere of the Halloween episode, we will have stopped screaming in shock after the biggest reveal in "Pretty Little Liars" history.

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