Rushing to war with Syria would be a big mistake

August 27, 2013

Regarding your recent editorial on the U.S. response to reports of Syria's use of chemical weapons, America's rush to war against Syria is dangerous, unnecessary, unwanted and unconstitutional ("Punishing Syria," Aug. 26).

You state that "the U.S. has no choice but to exercise its moral leadership and military might." My question is: Why haven't the United Nations, the Arab League, NATO and Congress been consulted?

What gives this country the right to police the world at taxpayer expense and without consent of Congress? Very few Americans want another Middle East war, yet our voices are ignored.

Commentator Patrick J. Buchanan recently asked "Who made Barack Obama the Wyatt Earp of the Global Village?" The entire world needs to ask the same question.

Also, Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Americans must wake up and heed his advice.

Rushing into another Mideast conflict without congressional consent is anathema to democracy. It's time we stood up and said "enough!"

R.E. Nester

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