Depth chart shows Edsall wasn't afraid to tinker with offensive line

Gilman's Kenneth Goins is fullback starter

August 26, 2013|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

Coach Randy Edsall had said during training camp that he wanted to combine the “five best guys” on the offensive line, regardless of how they may have ranked on the depth chart entering training camp.

Maryland’s starters on the line demonstrate that, indeed, Edsall wasn’t afraid to shake
things up.

When the new depth chart was released today -- five days before the season opener against
Florida International -- redshirt freshman Michael Dunn and redshirt sophomore Ryan Doyle had moved into starter’s spots at guard and tackle, respectively. Andrew Zeller and Nick Klemm
are no longer starters. Klemm has had an injury issue.

Dunn is from Bethesda's Whitman High School.

Tackle Mike Madaras, guard De’Onte Arnett and center Sal Conaboy are the other starters on
the line.

Edsall had noted the changes last week. The depth chart made them more formal, although coaches can always shift things around as they see fit.

Other depth chart notes:

** Redshirt freshman Kenneth Goins Jr. (Gilman) is listed as the fullback starter. Presumptive
starter Tyler Cierski, who has been out with a calf injury, does not appear on the depth chart.

** Wide receiver Deon Long has had back issues, but the transfer is listed as a starter along with Stefon Diggs and Nigel King.

** Brad Craddock has a strong leg and a year of experience. The place kicker won the
starting job despite struggling with consistency at times during camp.

** Sean Davis beat out A.J. Hendy for the safety position opposite Anthony Nixon.

** Still no announced decision on the starting running back (Brandon Ross or Albert Reid) or the backup quarterback to C.J. Brown (Caleb Rowe or Ricardo Young). The proverbial game-time decision?  

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