The Gansler-Brown imbroglio

August 25, 2013

A recent story noted that "[Maryland, Atty. Gen. Doug] Gansler, a former state's attorney, has yet to formally declare his candidacy in the Democratic race, which also includes Montgomery County Del. Heather Mizeur. Through a spokesman, Mizeur declined to comment on the Brown-Gansler conflict" ("Gansler under fire for comments about Brown, caught on tape," Aug. 13).

This citation indicates to me that your writers do not read their own newspaper.

Although I have not formally filed as a Democratic candidate for governor, I have been working on my candidacy for almost a year. Why didn't Ms. Cox and Mr. Dresser ask me for my comments concerning the rift between the current lieutenant governor and the attorney general?

Are reporters Erin Cox and Michael Dresser new to Baltimore? I encourage them to check out and search Ralph Jaffe. There they will see a number of articles pertaining to what I believe and what I practice.

Since the writers have been asleep on the job, I would like to take this opportunity to provide my own take on the controversy between Mr. Brown and Mr. Gansler.

These are two career politicians trying to "outcon" each other and their constituents. By contrast I, as a Democratic candidate for governor, actually listen to the voice of the people and seek their advice before I do what is in their best interests.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

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