Sun columnists politically lopsided

August 24, 2013

Once again, The Sun has proven that Maryland is a one-party state. Yes, there are columns in the newspaper by former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., but columnist Thomas F. Schaller and frequent contributor Jules Witcover more than make up for any Republican views the governor may espouse.

Mr. Schaller and Mr. Witcover cannot write a column without something negative to say about the GOP. In Mr. Witcover's latest ("Tricky Dick, we already knew ye," Aug. 23), he bashes President Richard Nixon as if that isn't beating a dead horse. There is another party to write about boys but, oh, I forgot, the Democrats can do no wrong.

There was plenty of embarrassment brought to the president's office by John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama looks to be working hard to add his name to the list. Isn't it time The Sun either finds some more conservative columnists or reign in their two GOP bashers?

I'm sure they cannot write a column without using the words, "Republican" or "GOP" in some sort of negative context.

Craig Garfield, Ellicott City

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