Things to know for Wednesday

August 14, 2013

What: Payday 2
Where: Google search
Why: The following games are among those scheduled for release this week, according to,0,108158.story

What: Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh
Where: Twitter
Why; Grey's Anatomy will be losing one of its top surgeons

What: Apple
Where: Twitter
Why: Activist investor Carl Icahn said he has amassed a "large position" in Apple Inc and believes the stock could be worth as much as $700 a share if Chief Executive Tim Cook pushed for a larger stock buyback.

What: BitCoin
Where: Reddit
Why; Things are getting serious for Bitcoin this month: a federal judge declared it real money, Bloomberg gave it an experimental ticker (XBT), and New York’s financial regulator announced an interest in regulating it.

What: Tony Swatton
Where: Digg
Why; Tony Swatton is the most famous blacksmith in Los Angeles. But he’s not forging horseshoes. Rather, Swatton has banged out a place in Tinseltown as the go-to guy when a big-budget movie or hit TV show needs custom metalwork.

What: Jamaal Charles
Where: Google search
Why:Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles had his ailing right foot examined by two orthopedic surgeons and they confirmed the Kansas City Chiefs' diagnosis of a mild strain.

What: Sinkhole in Florida
Where: Google search
Why: A Florida time-share resort where a sinkhole devoured a building Sunday night said that it is open for business and next week's guests should "come on down.",0,961250.story

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