Neighbors come to rescue on the house cleaning front [Letter]

August 13, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I often ponder during an extensive power outage how long would our charge last on the cell phone.   It was good of you to write about it [in the Aug. 7 Etc column "Chargers turn market forces upside down"]. Sometimes we get tired of hearing national news and the same old stuff.

You are a good writer-story teller.  I'll tell you an unusual story, the kind you don't often read about in the papers.

My husband and I are senior citizens and both of us have had serious medical problems lately and had been coping as best we could when we had a surprise on a recent Sunday thanks to two good Samaritans in our condo building.  

The two neighbors arrived at our door with a vacuum cleaner and dusters, etc. and came to do house cleaning for us. Imagine, on their day off from work.  The lady said that God had put it in her heart to be helpful to us in our time of need.  No money involved.

Both of them are truly good Christians who don't just pray, but do good works.  It was so uplifting for us.  There are probably many such stories that we just never hear about in the news. 

Mary Frese

Forest Hill 

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