Voter ID laws are essential to prevent fraud at the polls

August 10, 2013

Requiring a photo ID is frequently, and inaccurately, said to be a method of suppressing minority votes. Walmart requires a photo ID to exchange a purchase. Not to get a refund, but simply to trade a purchase for something of the same price for a different size or color.

I would wager that plenty of minorities shop at Walmart. These folks can have an ID for something as mundane as exchanging a Walmart purchase, but The Sun feels that for something as important as electing our government having to prove you are who you claim to be is just too much of an intrusion ("Defending voting rights," Aug. 5).

Additionally there is a requirement for photo ID for any sort of government entitlement or benefit program. Why is it a hardship to present ID at the polling place but not at Walmart or to apply for food stamps?

I value my right to vote, and I exercise it regularly. I also believe that there is an absolute need to do whatever is necessary to prevent voter fraud.

Clay Seeley, Owings Mills

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