Ripken World Series the experience of a lifetime, every year [Editorial]


There are two dances, a picnic, 20 or so carnival rides, a day of water sliding and an evening of fireworks – and those aren't the main attractions.

Nor are they all that's going on this week at the Ripken Baseball Complex in Aberdeen. In addition to the 40-plus baseball games featuring some of the most gifted young athletes in the world, there are a dozen or so other events ranging from a relatively mundane blood drive to a full-blown parade.

The event is the week-long Cal Ripken World Series, which brings teams of 11- and 12-year-olds from across the U.S. as well as from other nations as far away as South Korea and Japan to Aberdeen for a week of world class fun, mostly at bargain basement prices. There is no charge for anyone who wants to watch any of the games, and, except on the championship weekend, the stands are open for spectators. Free tickets, however, are required for the championship games next weekend.

The festivities, however, begin today (Friday) and one of the highlights is a game featuring a team from Harford County. Though they're usually the underdogs, the local players are very good and it's always nice to be able to root for a home team.

Then again, even the teams from Australia and Korea have home team fans as players generally end up staying with host families, who make their guests feel right at home because they are at someone's home. The host families turn out to root for the players staying with them, which means the stands may not be full, but they're almost never quiet.

For the moment, the weather forecast for Aberdeen and surrounding environs is calling for pretty decent baseball weather, with high temperatures in the mid-80s, though there is a chance of rain. Of course that could all change, but there are bound to be some nice days for visiting the baseball complex and taking in a game or two – or more.

It's good to live so close to a place other people have traveled to for the experience of a lifetime. Why not share it with them?

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