Sun headline on Aetna was misleading

August 06, 2013

I am writing to address a recent, front page article in The Sun that has left me deeply concerned with the standard to which the Sun's articles are being held.

The headline, "Aetna pulls health plans" (Aug. 3), is in obvious conflict with a later statement in the article: "The decision does not affect coverage they offer in the state through employers." That is, the plans in place are not affected. If I were an Aetna subscriber, there is no reasonable way I would have taken that from the title. The actual thrust of the article dealt with Aetna's entry into the individual insurers market.

And so I ask, what plans were pulled? The individual insurers market does not open until this fall, and coverage does not take effect until Jan. 1. How can such plans be in effect, and how can they "pull" plans that are not in effect?

Or were you referring to their "plans for plans," perhaps?

In any event (and independent of one's view on Obamacare), this type of poor journalism should be below the Sun. I am extremely disappointed that it does not appear to be so. When I stop believing in the reporting, I won't just stop reading the reporter, I'll stop the paper as well. Please reassure me this was an "honest" mistake and that steps are in place to prevent it from happening again.

Rob Charles, Catonsville

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