First thoughts about bridesmaid dresses

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August 06, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

I have had my dress for a while, but it is now almost time to find bridesmaid dresses! This is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  I’m excited to see what my favorite girls will be wearing when they stand next to me on my big day, but I also worry since I have eight bridesmaids.  As much as I love having a great support group, it may also mean lots of different opinions.

All of my bridesmaids are easy-going but I want them all to be happy with what they purchase, and I hope they will be able to wear it again.  In order to eliminate too much commotion, I have decided that my two maids of honor and I will go shopping before we go with everyone else to narrow down the options. Lauren and Katie (maids of honor) have been so helpful to me in researching where we can shop for dresses. They have looked up all kinds of styles, different shades of the color I want, different lengths, and materials. I have seen a good amount that I like but I think seeing them in person will really help me to decide.

I am also open to the girls wearing different style dresses.  I have seen this done before where some may wear strapless, some wear halter, etc., and I thought it looked really nice. All in all, I am really looking forward to the next step in finding dresses and shoes for the girls.  We have also decided to make a day of it and do either lunch or dinner before so all the girls can bond. 

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