Fish Head Cantina owners ordered to pay $2,000 fine

Baltimore County Board of Liquor Commissioners issued the fine, but did not suspend or revoke the bar's liquor license

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August 05, 2013|By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

The owners of the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus, where a man was stabbed to death last month, were ordered to pay a $2,000 fine Monday by the Baltimore County Board of Liquor Commissioners.

The board did not suspend or revoke the bar's liquor license. Thirty-six people, including employees and neighbors, showed up in support of the bar. An aunt of 22-year-old victim John Bowman spoke against the bar.

An attorney for Fish Head Cantina said that the bar has improved security in recent years in response to request by the board and police, but violence can still occur.

Baltimore County Police Capt. Douglas Irwin, who commands the Wilkens Precinct, credited bar employees who aided in the homicide investigation.

But Irwin said there have been far more calls for service at Fish Head than at three other bars in the precinct. He said it is difficult to compare the bars, given Fish Head's large size and diverse events.

He criticized the owners for allowing a show by Yellow Tape Entertainment, which he said drew a rowdy crowd.

Scott Fisher, one of the bar's owners, agreed, saying, "We shouldn't have had that show."

He said the bar's owners did not know details such as the name of the event, the artists performing or that Yellow Tape Entertainment was involved.

The company did not respond Monday to requests for comment.

Police say Bowman had been restrained by a bar security guard when Shelbie Mech, 31, stabbed him.

The guard followed her out of the bar, where he was able to get the license plate number of the car in which she left.

Kimberly Adkins, 30, was charged as an accessory. Police say she drove Mech home from the bar.

Police have also charged Mech's husband, 35-year-old Michael Singer, also known as the rapper Blizz, who performed that night. Police said he tried to keep bar security guards from stopping Mech.

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