Media ignores sequester's impact

August 03, 2013

Joe Davidson's article ("'Most vulnerable' workers are struggling," July 28) reprinted from The Washington Post carried good information and it is correct — the impacts of sequester aren't "commanding the attention they once did."

For example, I haven't seen coverage of the 22.5 percent cut in extended unemployment benefits that went into effect August 1 for the long-term unemployed. Sequester cuts closing airport towers were quickly rescinded, but unemployment assistance that is critical to maintaining a home until a job is found? Cutting that went unnoticed.

As if the stress of this sequester cut wasn't enough, now there is the stress that if Congress continues to play chicken on the budget, come September 30 the threatened government shutdown could make the cut 100 percent.

No wonder approval ratings of government personnel — I won't say "leaders" — is so low and dropping.


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