Haloti Ngata making progress after knee injury

July 26, 2013|By Jeff Zrebiec

At the mandatory minicamp last month, Ravens Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata still looked to be favoring the knee he hurt in the Super Bowl, forcing him out of the game in the third quarter. However, that hasn’t been evident this week as Ngata has been moving around freely.

“Once I left here [in June], I was able to start running a little bit and the weight kind of went down at the same time,” Ngata said. “It was great to be able to run for the last month and a half. It was great timing. Right now, my knee is doing good. I don’t have problems after practice, but we will have to see once we start putting the pads on and actually hitting.”

Harbaugh said it’s “obvious” that Ngata worked hard in the five-week break between the end of mandatory minicamp and the start of training camp, and added that the four-time Pro Bowl selection was in “great shape.”

Ngata agreed that he was way ahead of where he was last year when he acknowledged that his wife having another child impacted his preparation for the season.

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