Stop seismic air gun testing for oil and gas

July 26, 2013

Commentator Donald F. Boesch provided an inspiring account of Maryland's commitment to our environment ("It's not too late," July 24).

Recently, however, I was surprised by a dramatically underexposed issue: Seismic air gun testing. This particularly destructive type of testing is used by oil companies to prospect for oil offshore. Not only does the testing harm marine mammals and other ocean life, but it is also a gateway to even more destructive oil drilling.

I doubt that Maryland's action plan will address air gun testing. The issue isn't yet on the radar of most readers. Moreover, the U.S. Department of the Interior, not the state of Maryland, controls its fate.

However, other readers of Mr. Boesch who are inspired to ask "What more can we do?" now have an answer. Soon, the Interior Department will release its decision for public comment. I will comment against seismic air gun testing and lend my voice to a currently small choir to help stop offshore oil drilling before it starts.

Lindsay D'Ambrosio, Washington, D.C.

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