Edenwald Scholarship Fund continues to support employees [Letter]

July 25, 2013

The Towson Times has reported on the Edenwald Residents Association and its service to the Baltimore/Towson area, and particularly its scholarship program, which was founded and endorsed by then-president Sal J. Molite Jr. in 1999 for the benefit of his young part-time employees who were enrolled in institutions of higher learning.

I enrolled in Edenwald in 1994 and being a retired educator, Mr. Molite gave me permission to organize the Edenwald Scholarship Program in 1999.The initial award for the first year was $500 per eligible employee. After 13 years, it has risen to $1,500 and is now serving 505 collegiate employees with funds from the Edenwald Scholarship Fund now totaling $560,000. What a wonderful saga.

Quinton D. Thompson


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