Baltimore County government shows arrogance in decisions [Letter]

July 25, 2013

After reading Joe Bartenfelder's comments, I had to point out the additional arrogance of our current elected officials. We can talk with the Dundalk residents about the treatment they've received, or move around other parts of the county.  

Just look at the Mays Chapel school situation, totally disregarding residents' opinions, community needs and appropriate sizing of the school footprint. The arrogance continued there with the completion of a .14 walking trail. Are you kidding?

Finally, the quote from a local paper "the public won't know all the details of what they're planning until local officials make a decision" just angers me to no end. The council said this is so that the procurement process "is devoid of any kind of external pressure." And now what is going to happen in Towson? These elected officials, led by a King-like leader, don't care about the serfs. What country are we living in again? I hope all remember this at election time! 

Mark Ostrowski


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