Q&A with Catherine 'Katie' Curran O'Malley, Baltimore City District Court judge and Maryland's first lady


  • When Maryland first lady Catherine "Katie" Curran O'Malley is asked about the possibility of stepping up to become the nation's first lady, she responds like the working mother of four children that she is.  "I can't really project that far because if I did, my head would spin," said the wife of Gov. Martin O'Malley, who has said he is considering a presidential bid.  "I have to stay focused on what is right in front of me. Going to work every day and raising my kids."  She is a District Court judge in Baltimore City. Her oldest, Grace, just graduated from Georgetown University and will be a teacher in Baltimore City as part of Teach For America. Tara is a senior at the College of Charleston, William is in high school, and her youngest, Jack, is still in grade school.  O'Malley's politicking is limited by her role as a judge. But this daughter of J. Joseph Curran Jr., former state attorney general, has been an early and strong supporter of the law sanctioning gay marriage in Maryland, of the repeal of the death penalty and of her husband's energy initiatives.  She travels the country teaching other judges ways to handle domestic-violence cases. She began an anti-bullying campaign. She also works with the University of Baltimore on a project to address the causes of chronic truancy.  "The types of issues that I have been working on as a judge and a first lady have received a lot of national attention," she conceded. But for the immediate future, "I am going to stick with the ideas that I have been working on."  When asked about her own plans, both personal and professional, her replies are purposely vague. All she knows for certain is that a step up to Circuit Court judge would require an appointment by the governor, and that's not possible while her husband holds the job.  "I don't know if I will do this forever," O'Malley said of her work on the bench. "Things change all the time. My options are open." -- Susan Reimer
When Maryland first lady Catherine "Katie" Curran… (Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun…)
July 22, 2013|By Susan Reimer | The Baltimore Sun

What was the hardest lesson you've learned so far?
"That kids grow up too fast."

What do you do to relax?
"Go to the gym."

Your (other) dream job would be ...
"Interior designer or kindergarten teacher."

What's on your playlist?
"Citizen Cope, U2 and The Great Gatsby soundtrack."

What is your favorite book?
"Anything historical."

What's your favorite vacation destination?
"The beach anywhere!"

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