The gun that killed Trayvon Martin saved George Zimmerman's life

July 19, 2013

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was recently quoted as saying that "Trayvon Martin died because George Zimmerman had a concealed weapon. Period" ("Baltimore mayor: Rep. Harris' Trayvon Martin comments are 'dismissive, callous, outof touch,'" July 17).

As I understand the findings of the jury, Mr. Martin died because he attacked and beat someone whom he did not realized was armed.

If Mr. Zimmerman had not pulled his gun or had not been armed and Mr. Martin had continued to beat him and maybe even killed him, would the mayor believe Mr. Martin was innocent because he was being followed?

Yes, because of a legally possessed gun, Mr. Martin died. But do we know that the same gun did not save Mr. Zimmerman's life?

Hopefully, the next Trayvon Martin will think twice before attacking the next George Zimmerman, and both lives can be saved.

William Miller

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