Head of ARINC pledges $10 million to Anne Arundel Medical Center

Largest bequest ever for the hospital

July 19, 2013|By Andrea K. Walker

The head of aerospace technology firm ARINC and his wife have pledged at least $11 million to Anne Arundel Medical Center, the largest bequest ever to the hospital.

John and Cathy Belcher of Edgewater will give the first $1 million to the hospital over the next several years.  At least $10 million will go to the hospital after the couple's death when their estate is liquidated. That amount could be higher depending on the value of the estate.

The hospital will rename the Health Sciences Pavillion the “John and Cathy Belcher Pavillion," in honor of the couple's gift. The John and Cathy Belcher Society will be created to recognize people who bequeath gifts of $100,000 or greater. 

John Belcher is a member of the hospital's board of trustees and past chair of its Foundation Board of Directors. He also chaired the hospital’s Care Like no Other capital campaign, which funded the building that now bears their name.

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