Dark Knights, Recyclables advanced to summer lacrosse final

July 18, 2013

The championship and consolation games in the Bel Air Women's Summer Lacrosse League were set Tuesday night at Rockfield Park's Ewing Street Field. Due to the heat, both games were played in quarters, instead of halves. Three teams had less than the required 12 players. 'Murica had 12.

As expected, the top two seeds, Recyclables and Dark Knights, each won handily and were to play for the league title Thursday. Little Miss Moonshine and 'Murica were scheduled to play the consolation game as well on Thursday.

Dark Knights got Tuesday's semifinals off to a fast start by beating 'Murica, 11-3. The Knights led 5-1 at the half and ran the lead to 11-1 in the fourth quarter before 'Murica scored its other two goals.

League leading scorer Brooke Prater led the Knights with four goals and one assist, while Maghan Najewicz, Aloise Diedrich and Montaiju Galmore each scored two goals. Makenzie Aponte also scored for the Knights.

Jessica Tenly netted two goals for 'Murica and Chelsea Wathne scored once. Kaylee Litke added one assist.

In the goal, Abby McClure made five saves for the Knights while playing three quarters. Roxanne Diedrich played the other quarter with no saves. Diedrich did make five saves in three quarters of play with 'Murica and Kaitlyn Neumeister made one save.

In Recyclables' 14-4 win over Moonshine, a 5-3 halftime lead blew up to a 14-3 lead into the final minute of play. Susie Snee had an incredible game, scoring eight goals to lead the winners. Gina Maranto added a pair of goals and dished out three assists. Jess Parr also had two goals, while Alexis Susa had a goal and assist and Cynthia Dorvin added one goal. Sara Chesla was credited with one assist.

Subbing goalie McClure made four saves for Recyclables and Neumeister made three saves for Moonshine.

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