Delegate decries taxes that have gone into effect in Maryland [Letter]

July 18, 2013|Letter to the Aegis

Welcome to Tax Hell!  Marylanders are suffering under a deluge of taxes and fees.  More than 40 taxes and fee increases have been forced upon the people in the last 8 years.  The latest and dumbest is the "Rain Tax."  The "Rain Tax" is projected to confiscate more than 14 billion dollars from family budgets and the State's economy.  Those funds could be used for education, public safety, and transportation rather than fighting against a misleading problem allegedly created by rain.  Families, during these difficult times, need that money to survive.

The "Rain Tax" is a job killer. Business, especially small business owners, will be hit hard causing some to close down.  At a time when Maryland has lost 157,000 jobs during the so-called recession, it is ill-advised to place more burdens on the business community.

House Bill 987, Storm Water Management, also rightfully known as the "Rain Tax," claims to dramatically reduce pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.  Only about 3% of the pollution in the Bay is caused by storm water run-off, while a large portion is caused by the Susquehanna River.  The River and Conowingo Dam pollution problem is not even being addressed by the Governor and General Assembly.  Meanwhile, the politicians in Annapolis constantly raid State Trust Funds, including the Chesapeake Bay Fund, by stealing much needed financial help for programs that do work. They use these confiscated, designated monies for other spending purposes in order to create a dishonest, balanced budget.  How will they be prevented from misusing the massive amount of money created by the "Rain Tax?"  

Homeowners, business owners, churches, non-profits, and charities in 9 counties and Baltimore City are in the line of fire.  Maryland is the only state creating a "Rain Tax."  Virginia sued the Federal EPA on a similar issue and won the case. 

It is time for Marylanders to unite and fight back to "Stop the Rain Tax."  I have organized a NON-PARTISAN campaign with the goal of forcing the Governor and Maryland General Assembly to repeal the "Rain Tax" in the next session which begins in January, 2014.  The campaign will be a traditional grassroots effort including bumper stickers, direct mail, signs, and other items needed to convince the Governor and lawmakers to change their minds.  This is not a Democrat or Republican tax issue, but an unfair burden on all the people in Maryland.  Four years ago, a similar campaign against the computer tax was successful.  We are also exploring the possibility of a taxpayers' lawsuit. More information about that approach will be available in the near future.

The politicians in Annapolis must be placed on notice that the taxpayers are not ATM machines and are willing to fight back.  Together, we must use our Constitutional right to protest the continued building of a big brother state government.  The Governor and General Assembly make a habit of ignoring the many voices of the people that cry out in the wilderness for fairness. However, they will pay attention and respond  to an effective, informative, organized campaign (especially since the next session will occur in an election year and their jobs will be on the line).

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the team should contact Del. Pat McDonough by calling 410-238-0025 or by sending an e-mail to

Del. Pat McDonough

Western Harford Eastern Baltimore counties, District 7

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