Racial questions linger with Martin verdict

July 17, 2013

It's very true that a gun-carrying white man profiled a young black man and the end result is the young black man is dead ("No justice," July 16).

The criminal case is over and the federal civil rights case is on the way. We should all ask, what if? What if all of the facts held true but George Zimmerman had been an adult black man profiling a young black man?

What if a black George Zimmerman was getting his head kicked in by Trayvon Martin and a black George Zimmerman pulled the trigger. Would the black community be up in arms if it were one of their own was doing the patrolling and profiling?

Go into Baltimore and talk to the black adults. I can promise you that if they are honest, they, too, would be guilty of making assumptions about black youths walking the streets. We all see the same news. The question is are all of these people making assumptions guilty of violating someone's civil rights? Or are they simply engaged in a process of survival?

We need to talk it out and think about it.

Ken Hines, Towson

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