Poverty, joblessness are root causes of rise in gun violence

July 16, 2013

The Sun's characterization of the recent wave of gun violence is inaccurate in referring it as having occurred "in Baltimore City" ("In face of violence, hope that city can come together," July 9).

No one has been shot in Homeland, Guilford, Roland Park, Mount Washington, Federal Hill, Little Italy, Canton, Lower Fells Point or any of the other "better" neighborhoods that make up the city.

According to the addresses published in The Sun, all the victims have been residents of two areas in the city, one on the east side, the other on the west, that are characterized by extreme poverty, high unemployment, mediocre schools, drug usage, gang activity and broken families.

City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and his officers can only do so much. Unless the issues underlying this recent wave of violence are addressed, the slaughter will continue. All the citizens of Baltimore deserve to be able to live in safety and with the hope of upward mobility.

Marc Raim

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