'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap, 'Hold Your Tongue'

  • Vicki Gunvalson (left) and Tamra Barney.
Vicki Gunvalson (left) and Tamra Barney. (Vivian Zink/Bravo )
July 16, 2013|By Steven Eliopoulos

This week continues in Canada with a pow-wow between Tamra and Vicki exchanging words about the drama with Lauri on the ski slope. Alexis and Lydia are also rehashing the events until they are interrupted by Lauri who asks Lydia if she is still invited to dinner because a bitter Vicki uninvited her.

It isn’t long after the girls sit down for their prix fixe dinner that an unintimidated Lauri opens her mouth and starts causing more problems. Vicki claims she is a liar and can’t tolerate the toxic things that come out of Lauri’s mouth. The ladies battle between hypocrisy and irony and blame each other for the misinterpreted rumors.

Gretchen fumbles for a big vocabulary to stand up to Vicki and their past discrepancies and then questions Tamra’s friendship with her. Tamra shares her emotions regarding Gretchen including   previous lies and exaggerated stories Gretchen has done in the recent past.

The next morning, the girls drive through the scenic mountains to get ready for a full day of snowmobile fun and excitement. Lydia pictured the women frolicking through the snow and having an “enchanting secret garden” moment, but, with all the tension between certain individuals, that vision is quickly flushed down the drain.

Tamra drops trout and takes a quick pee break in the glistening white snow while Vicki finds a healthy way to take out her anger and frustration and launches snowballs at Gretchen and Lauri. Throwing snowballs is better than throwing fists or wine!

There must be something in the fresh Canadian air because overall, the group was cordial and got along on the snow mobile expedition.

Tamra calls Heather back in Orange County to check in on her show and to fill her in on the latest gossip. Tamra warns her that Gretchen may be mad at her for falsely accusing her of lying about her guest role and may want to talk. Tamra considers Heather a good friend because she trusts her and can’t trust Gretchen.

Heather is delighted that she has finally found the perfect balance of work and play. She is also happy that Terry is now supportive and not making jokes about her career and claims his behavior is night and day compared to her first sitcom role.

Back in Canada, the girls go for a vodka tasting in an ice room. Tamra must have had one too many shots of vodka because Vicki tells her to stick her tongue on the ice wall and got her tongue stuck when she actually proceeded with the action. If Vicki tells you to do something, you probably shouldn’t.

Tamra calls Terry in a frantic state thinking her tongue will get frostbite and fall off. She wants his medical advice but Terry and Heather find her incident extremely comical and compare the situation to the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”

Lydia got to see Tamra pee in the snow and heard about a threesome on a mountain…I’d say the Canada vacation was a success.

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