Chris Davis says he doesn't feel pressure to win Home Run Derby

July 15, 2013|By Dan Connolly | The Baltimore Sun

NEW YORK -- Chris Davis is becoming the popular pick to win tonight's Home Run Derby, but the Orioles' first baseman says that doesn't add any pressure.

"I dont think there is any pressure on me to win," he said Monday afternoon. "Like everybody else, I just want to put on a good show. And I want the fans to have a really good time and enjoy it. We played here [at Citi Field] last year, and I dont really remember it very much. It was just a three-game series. But like Robinson [Cano] said, it's a big ballpark. But for us, we just want to put on a good show for the fans."

There a question posed to the Derby's other participants about their thoughts on what Davis has done this season. No one spoke up, so host Karl Ravech had some fun with it.

"Anybody have any thoughts with what Chris has done this year?" he said. "You guys are shaking your heads ... we kind of all do that. Nobody's impressed, Chris."

Everyone laughed -- including Davis.
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