Furloughed federal employees can cry me a river

July 15, 2013

It is fact that the financial downturn of recent years has impacted many people in and out of government. Many individuals' incomes have been dramatically (and, in many cases permanently) affected by general economic conditions — cutbacks, downsizing, business failures, etc.

It appears that this situation, though unfortunate, is the result of the decision makers compressing the required furloughs into a short period of time ("Sequester pain hits home," July 12).Yes, it results in a 20 percent pay cut, but for 11 weeks, not 52 weeks. The cut could have been spread over the entire year, so as to not effect take home pay so dramatically.

It is important to realize and accept that the budget problems of government and business are real and must be addressed. It, no doubt, will result in a measure of sacrifice!

Paul Belz, Timonium

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