Baltimore man sentenced to life in prison for killing mentor

A Baltimore jury had convicted Antomar Jones, 21, of shooting two men, leaving one of them dead

July 09, 2013|By Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore judge sentenced a man to life in prison Tuesday for killing his mentor in a youth program and shooting another man.

Antomar Jones, 21, got a ride home with Corey Alexander, his mentor, and Anthony Taylor in February 2012. As they drove, Jones pulled a gun robbed both men. He then ordered them to stop in the 5700 block of Nasco Place and Taylor fled.

One gunshot hit Taylor in the cheek. As he continued to run he heard another gunshot from the car.

"This was a challenging, single-witness case, so we are gratified not only with today's sentence but also with the jury's guilty verdicts," said State's Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein. "As always, we hope that this outcome will help the victim's loved ones to achieve a sense of closure."

A jury convicted Jones in May of murder, attempted murder and gun offenses.

Jones' attorney Margaret A. Mead said her client maintains his innocence. In a statement to police he said he bought drugs from one of the men but that the shootings must have happened after he left.

Mead called Alexander's death "very tragic" but said Jones plans to appeal his conviction.

"He is very adamant that he did not commit this crime," she added.

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