City's streets can be taken back

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July 09, 2013

I could not get an exact count, but I am satisfied there was a turnout exceeding 500 men at the "300 Man March" against city violence ("Baltimore men take to streets to stem violence," July 6).

Our ladies were present as well serving water at predesignated locations. I was physically unable to walk due to a recent health issue, but I drove my vehicle and was as helpful as one could be. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake spoke compassionately, and Commissioner Anthony Batts was stern. Our leader for the evening, Munir Bahar, was serious and stone-cold devoted to the purpose of the evening — to seek peace and stop the violence in our city.

All in attendance had to be an exhilarated as I, and just as happened with the bothers in the Million Man March, love ruled the day. It was emotional, heartfelt and sobering all at the same time. So you may ask where do we go from here? Hopefully, we will go to the God forsaken corners, streets and alleys where we have lost hundreds of lives over the last decade. Mr. Bahar pledged to make this vision a reality and with this "new" partnership with the mayor, police commissioner and the rest of us, we can turn the 300 Man March into Baltimore's first steps toward civility in our streets.

Joseph Armstead Jr., Baltimore

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