Health care delay is more than a mere 'embarrassment'

July 08, 2013

So the Sun editorial staff considers the delay in implementing a portion of the president's health care law to be only "an embarrassment" that "doesn't begin to undermine the good that will be done by the Affordable Care Act ? ("Obamacare delay sounds worse than it is," July 3.)

I was under the impression that the executive branch of the government executed the laws that, without modification, the legislative branch enacted. Has the president forgotten that is why we have separate branches of government?

When the president can unilaterally disregard a portion of a law passed by Congress, whose members were duly elected by the people, and pick and choose what will or will not be enforced, it is more than a mere "embarrassment." It is a serious violation of the Constitution.

Perhaps when the time comes when the president determines what your paper can and cannot publish your position on this point will change.

Chuck Marks, Perry Hall

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