Don't get Machado in trouble

July 07, 2013

Manny Machado has had a great season so far with the Baltimore Orioles. Not only is he a talented player but his youth gives him a glow of happiness that every parent wants to see in their child as they experience their dream come true.

Now, however, The Sun's staff is suggesting that to celebrate his 21st birthday on Saturday, he starts out in the morning drinking, and continues on with gambling, and tops off the day at a strip joint ("10 ways Manny Machado can celebrate his 21st birthday in Baltimore," July 5).

Please, Manny, don't listen to them! You'll end up with a headache, your girlfriend will be mad at you, and you'll strike out every time at bat! Be a good boy. We all love you and want to see you continue in your successful season.

Debby Hyson

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