'Ashe to Amen' exhibit deserves high marks

July 04, 2013

"Ashe to Amen" is a most interesting exhibit and brings to the Reginald Lewis Museum a plethora of talent of African Artists both past and present. Would that the article by Mary Carole McCauley had proclaimed the dedication and hard work put forth by Leslie King-Hammond to curate this outstanding exhibition ("'Ashe to Amen' exhibit at Reginald Lewis museum raises questions," June 29).

I met Ms. King-Hammond for the first time as she acted as docent for the exhibit and gave much additional and interesting information. Later, I caught a glimpse of her working with an adult who didn't quite grasp much of what she had explained, and she patiently gave a simplified explanation of some of the pieces. I was impressed by her goodwill and desire that all come away from the exhibit a bit richer in culture. Following the tour of the exhibit, there was a surprise reception in Ms. King-Hammond's honor, and she was fully roasted and toasted by her colleagues and friends who hold her in high esteem.

Ms. King-Hammond has worked on this project for five years, and celebration is due. Too bad The Sun missed the opportunity to celebrate this wonderful exhibit and Ms. King-Hammond's rich contributions to it.

Carol Geidt, Baltimore

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