Howard County should adopt simpler stormwater fee plan [Letter]

July 03, 2013

Angie Boyter certainly makes a good point when she suggests that the stormwater tax on 1/2-acre lots should be less than that of 1/4-acre lots (instead of twice as much), in that the 1/2-acre lot has more area with which to absorb the rainwater. ("When it comes to stormwater, lot size tells only half the story," Letters, June 27).

But aside from that, why go through with any of these convoluted stormwater plans (even as streamlined by Ulman), with the end result being just more tax money? Why not adopt the a more straightforward plan, similar to that of Carroll County, in which this state mandate is funded by grants and county dollars ("Carroll spares residents stormwater fee," Baltimore Sun, June 28). After all, a tax is a tax, whether minutely engineered or as simple and straightforward as possible.

(Incidentally, I would strongly oppose nonprofits and religious organizations being charged only $1. These organizations are already the recipients of too many tax privileges, in my opinion.)

Doris Rausch


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