Fourth of July Parade a perfect time to thank Woman's Club for contributions [Letter]

Letter to the editor

July 03, 2013

At the end of 2012, the Woman's Club of Catonsville disbanded after 80 years of service to the community.

At that time, the club donated the facility at 10 St. Timothy's Lane to the Catonsville Community Foundation (CCF), in order to provide a gathering spot and services for residents.

Throughout the years of the Woman's Club existence, the group made an immense impact on the community.

Among such contributions were offering the first location for the Catonsville Senior Center, coordinating the location of the Catonsville Library and helping organize the first Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival.

In the 1960s, the Woman's Club of Catonsville was instrumental in creating the Catonsville Forward Plan, which ultimately led to the revitalization of the business district.

Over the years, the Woman's Club of Catonsville donated countless funds to local charities. In 2013 alone, $118,000 was given to charitable causes.

The Catonsville Community Foundation recognizes and thanks the Woman's Club of Catonsville for donating the club house to our foundation.

The foundation will endeavor to follow the guidance and philanthropy originally covered by the Woman's Club of Catonsville.

On July 4, Woman's Club members will be honorary grand marshals in the parade. I ask that you extend a big thank you, along the parade route, for their contributions to our community.

Louis Weinkam Jr., president

Catonsville Community Foundation

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