'Pretty Little Liars' recap, 'Face Time'

  • Another new detective asks the Liars some hard questions about Rosewood's latest casualty on "Pretty Little Liars."
Another new detective asks the Liars some hard questions about… (Ron Tom / ABC Family )
July 03, 2013|By Tionah Lee

“What is it about those four pretty girls that attract so many corpses?” Is that really the plan new Lieutenant Tanner?

Everyone wants a little face time, and the new state police want to pick everyone’s brain about everything … literally everything. At the start of the episode, a very tense Hanna confronts Caleb about all of the detective work he has been doing for her, and all of the clues that lead directly to her mom. Hanna also confronts Spencer when she admits to not having the chance to give Melissa the mask. (Good morning Hanna? No?)

When Hanna finds the time to finally pull herself together, she makes her way to her mother’s office at the bank, to her surprise, so has Officer Tanner and Holbrook of the State Police. They recover Officer Wilden’s safe box, complete with thousands of dollars, two passports, and a mysterious gun.  No bank employee has ever seen the box…right Ashley?

These new state police are pretty good at picking everyone’s brain.

It was a very season one Hasting’s family meeting (minus the Dad of course) Spencer, Melissa, and her their mom sat down for coffee and what seemed like a praise session for Melissa and of course  the exact opposite for Spencer. After breaking the news to her family that U Penn is not in the post high school stars Spencer again earns direct disapproval from her mother, but of course there is still hope for her finding out exactly what Melissa knows about the mask before finally heading out of town … again!

Welcome home Sgt. Fields?

Emily’s parents believe she is lying about her shoulder, along with her visit to the Doctors. Of course when she decides to confront her Doctor about calling Protective Services on her family, things take an awkward turn when he again questions her about her motives for her visit and informs her about her rotator cuff that could use surgery. (Why don’t they want Emily to swim)?

Jake meet Malcolm … your teacher’s son?

Secret is out. Aria comes clean to “fine” Jake about her relationship with Ezra. Of course he is shocked to find out that his already interesting lady has a story that makes her the perfect character in one of their famous black and white or color movies. Jake offers her some very Karate Kid advice, Aria kisses him, and of course he tells her that she indeed may call him again.

We hope Jake is as understanding as he seems.

Toby finally meets with Dr. Palmer and discovers that he spoke to his mother on the day she died, and learns that he isn’t the only person questioning her fall from the window. After meeting with Dr. Palmer Toby realizes that there may be closure in the passing of his mother, and that Dr. Palmer isn’t really working on a staff anymore … and wants Toby to tell his mother to “stay away from the blonde girl.”

Caleb saves the day after Hanna is about to dig a bigger hole by speaking to Lieutenant Tanner again. Thank you!

Melissa finally finds the mask and immediately heads to the only place she can imagine it came from. (So does Spencer and Aria).

The girls end up at the strange cabin of the gentleman who made the mask of Emily’s face, Alison’s and Melissa. Aria decides to take a trip around the cabin, Spencer follows Melissa, and Melissa takes a bag full of mask smashes them and throws them into the dock. Aria finally gets a chance to speak to Hector about his encounter with Ali and a black getaway car on the night she died, and Spencer finally learns that Melissa was on the haunted train with Wilden, but still can’t understand why. Do they actually thank Melissa for “protecting them?”

Emily runs away from home, Hanna and Caleb save Ashley from another strange encounter with the state police, and Spencer and Aria have new pieces of evidence to give to the girls.

Hanna tells the girls that she is certain her mother killed Wilden and A knows about it. A informs the girls that Melissa isn’t quite A material.

Does this answer all of our questions? Of course not!

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