WHC Renegades Red win Chesapeake Classic baseball tournament

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  • The HCYP Raiders 9U baseball team won the Essex Express 2013 Father’s Day Classic tournament June 15-16.
The HCYP Raiders 9U baseball team won the Essex Express 2013… (Submitted photo )
July 02, 2013

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The 12U WHC Renegades Red won the MABA 12U Division 1 Chesapeake Classic Tournament on June 25 with a 9-7 victory at Savage Park. The Renegades fought back through the loser's bracket after a first round loss to Diamond Pro Blue. In the loser's bracket the Renegades beat the Elkridge Hurricanes, Savage Screaming Eagles, HCYP Raiders and Putty Hill Panthers to gain a rematch against the Diamond Pro Blue in the tournament championship game. The game went back and forth with five lead changes. The Renegades managed to grab the lead after a strong third inning and held on for 9-7 victory.

Team members are: Cooper Stepke, Marcus Khademi, Jacob Harrison, Kyle Mattejat, Josh Horen, TJ DelMonte, Andrew Scourtis, Tyler Russo, Daniel Yellin, Justin Reese and Nic Roschella. The team is coached by Rick Russo, Brian Yellin, Tom Reese and John Roschella.

The HCYP Raiders 9U baseball team won the Essex Express 2013 Father's Day Classic Tournament over the June 15-16 weekend. The Raiders went undefeated in both pool play and the elimination round. The Raiders' potent offense, stingy pitching and stellar defense resulted in lopsided victories in every game. The team scored an average of 14 runs per game over the course of the tournament while limiting opponents to an  average of 2.5 runs. Half of the team's victories were shutouts, including a 10-0 win over Catoctin in the championship game.


Fifteen teams dodged a fast-moving torrential downpour just before the start of the Striders two-person five-mile relay at River Hill High School June 26. In this event teams of two alternate running quarter-mile laps 10 times each to reach the five-mile distance. Carlos Renjifo and Andrew Madison were the first team across the finish line. Volunteers: John Bratiotis, Marc Burger, George Kroeker and Jess Stern.

Male team results: 1. Carlos Renjifo/Andrew Madison, 22:33; 2. Mark Eagles/Artem Tovanov, 25:06; 3. James Blackwood/Luis Diaz, 26:16; 4. David Horrocks Jr./Mark Loeffler, 27:26; 5. Joe Tailabji/Adam Wytko, 27:29; 6. Dennis Albright/Marty Rochlin, 35:41; 7. Mike Fleming/Leonard Guralnick, 36:34.

Co-Ed team results: 1. Caroline Bauer/Greg Lepore, 28:14; 2. Keith Levassuer/Grace Tran, 28:29; 3. Linda Lu O'Connor/Greg Orlofsky, 29:49; 4. Abdollah Abtahi/Kimia Abtahi, 34:05; 5. Michael Miles/Kendra Smith, 34:55; 6. Erin Blackwood/Nathan Capelle, 40:27; 7. Joey Beck/Monica Beck, 43:21.

Female team results: 1. Amanda An/Marsha Demaree, 33:39.

Rylan King won last week's Centennial Fun Run with a time of 5:04, just ahead of his brother Reggie who was second. Brian Shadrick, Evan Calvert and Mark Corriere, who all ran the Fun Run when they were young children, can still finish in the top 10. Kirsten Wikner led the women in 6:21. Princeton Sports gave out water bottles and spoke about bike helmet safety for children and adults. The next Fun Run is Tuesday, July 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Centennial Neighborhood. For additional information, call 410-465-7735 or visit the Strider website.

Top finishers:

1. Rylan King, 5:04; 2. Reggie King, 5:20; 3. Mark Eagles, 5:21; 4. Brian Shadrick, 5:22; 5. Luis Diaz, 5:40; 6. Evan Calvert, 5:42; 7. Mark Corriere, 5:45; 8. David Jun, 5:51; 9. Carldrickriss Haymon, 5:54; 10. Andrew Frommer, 5:58.

11. Robert Blanco, 5:59; 12. Jared King, 6:01; 13. Bruce Worley, 6:04; 14. Adam Lowe, 6:05; 15. EJ McCaffrey, 6:06; 16. Liam McCaffrey, 6:10; 17. Mark Worley, 6:13; 18. Andrew Fritz, 6:19; 19. Kirsten Wikner, 6:21; 20. Andrew Maas, 6:26.

21. Ron Knight, 6:26; 22. Erik Metz, 6:28; 23. Eric Jayne, 6:31; 24. Marc Burger, 6:38; 25. No Name, 6:46; 26. Jackson Pittman, 7:01; 27. Antonio Camacho, 7:09; 28. Amelia Jauregui, 7:09; 29. Cameron Westlake, 7:23; 30. Kash Hartz, 7:25.

31. No Name, 7:25; 32. Dennis Howser-Doty, 7:33; 33. Grace Mang, 7:37; 34. Stephen Mang, 7:37; 35. David Matthews, 7:39; 36. Max Moldenhaver, 7:42; 37. Kevin Allen, 7:44; 38. Roger Calvert, 7:47; 39. Andrew Jauregui, 7:50; 40. Jeff Dannis, 7:51.

41. Alec Laraway, 7:51; 42. Lori Jayne, 8:00; 43. Megan Boyce, 8:02; 44. Emily Greenwald, 8:03; 45. Ashli Greenwald, 8:04; 46. McKenna Boyce, 8:06; 47. Steve Boyce, 8:06; 48. Maria Shemiakina, 8:12; 49. Liz Frommer, 8:15; 50. Dominic Corriere, 8:19.

Jump rope

Sixteen members of the Kangaroo Kids Competition Team traveled to Long Beach, California to compete in the USA Jump Rope National Championships June 20-23. The event featured close to 700 jumpers from 57 different teams from across the nation. All combined, the Kangaroo Kids brought home a total of 19 medals, 57 ribbons and four Grand National plaques.

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