Wine Find: Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio California Champagne

(Handout photo )
July 02, 2013

From: California:

Price: $10

Serve with: Anything frivolous, not red meat

For the record, I object to the use of the term Champagne for a California sparkling wine. Champagne is French. Period. Nor do I consider this a great or sophisticated wine. It is, however, a very useful wine. It's quite palatable — in a price range where many sparkling wines are dreadful. It doesn't taste like a true Champagne, but it tastes good. There's a bit of nutty flavor from the pinot grigio and just a hint of sweetness you won't find in a Champagne or a good Champagne imitator. But it's a good choice if you're serving a lot of people at an event such as a wedding when price is an issue. And you don't have to feel shy about using it in a mimosa or other mixed drink.

--Michael Dresser

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