'True Blood' recap, 'You're No Good'

  • Alexander Skarsgard plays Eric Northman on "True Blood."
Alexander Skarsgard plays Eric Northman on "True Blood." (HBO )
July 01, 2013|By Marisa Siegel

We’re almost a third of the way through Season 6 (which at 10 episodes will be "True Blood’s" shortest season yet) and after last night’s episode, I’m finally getting a clear idea of where this season is headed. While You’re No Good was uneven and occasionally overwrought, the episode remained largely focused on our key characters and storylines.

Eric and Willa, sitting in a tree coffin

The episode opens in Willa Burrell’s bedroom, where Eric informs her she will die for her father’s sins. But before he can “tear her apart,” she pleads that she has valuable info about “the experiments” to share. A SWAT team storms Willa’s bedroom to find that Willa and Eric have vanished through an open window.

Eric brings Willa to Fangtasia, much to Pam’s chagrin. Tara takes this (and every) opportunity to back Pam up, because Tara is irritatingly needy even as a vampire. Eric kicks Pam and her groupie out of the room, and turns his attention back to Willa and her insider intel. Surprisingly, Willa says that he needn’t bother with glamouring her; she doesn’t like what her father is doing any more than he does. Willa spills to Eric that her father has been diverting money to a secret camp where vampires are being studied and experimented on. She tells him that they’re doing “sick sick s--t” to the vampires there. Young Ms. Burrell has quite a mouth on her —she’s no daddy’s little girl.

Eric decides to bring Willa along as he, Pam and Tara prepare to leave Fangtasia behind forever, despite Pam’s protestations that he should cut off Willa’s head instead. The gang head over to Ginger’s house (the hot blonde he and Pam used to employ and feed on at Fangtasia) and Eric implores her to invite them in to her home for the night. Slumber party!

Eric and Willa share Ginger’s spare coffin for the night. Presumably unaccustomed to sleeping all day, Willa wakes Eric up for a chat. She lets him know that her mother had an affair with a vampire, and she likes vampires too. Very much. Is it Stockholm syndrome or does young Willa fancy Bon Temps’ most desirable vampire?

Governor Burrell and his agents call Eric’s cell phone in an attempt to trace his location. Eric, who believes his phone to be untraceable, casually begins telling the governor how he might go about murdering Willa. He’s shocked when he hears an agent in the background say that the phone has been traced. As the governor and agents speed toward Ginger’s house in their Humvee, Eric and Pam learn that Tara, who was guarding Willa, has absconded with her instead. They fly off to find them, leaving Ginger with instructions to stall the governor and his men.

There's a doings a-transpiring at Casa Stackhouse

We first see Sookie tonight alone in her bedroom, practicing her energy-harnessing. Jason and FFG (aka Niall, Sookie and Jason’s F---ing Faerie Grandfather) sit uncomfortably in the living room in silence, until Jason whines of a headache and gets up to fetch some water — and a few mystery pills that Lafayette left behind. 

FFG wants to know why Sookie isn’t more afraid of Warlow. Sookie explains that “danger is a way of life” for her. She has to keep an even keel about “regular danger” so that she still can maintain “a real healthy fear for when the sh*t really hits the fan.” FFG retorts that, “Warlow is the proverbial s--t hitting the fan.” After Sookie promise not to underestimate Warlow, FFG announces that he’s leaving to take the fight to Warlow. Jason wants to come along, but is too woozy from those pills and that terrible headache.

FFG pays a visit to faerie HQ and finds the place deserted and in disarray. He starts to read memories in the blood spatter patterns — perhaps his next gig will be on "CSI: Bon Temps"? In the midst of recalling visions of faeries being attacked, he hears a whimpering. An injured faerie tells him that a vampire got in and killed all the faeries. FFG thanks the faerie by “sending him home”: He uses his magic light hands to turn the faerie into floating glitter dust that disappears, presumably headed to faerie heaven. 

Forgettable Ben, the half-faerie who fell in love with Sookie last week, approaches the field just in time to see FFG emerging from the invisible faerie club. Ben tells FFG that he’s been searching for the faerie club all night, and FFG tells Ben that the HQ is no longer because a vampire has slaughtered everyone. Ben asks if this vampire was named Warlow. (Wait, Ben knows Warlow? This is the first interesting thing the guy’s said.) He also bows, recognizing FFG as faerie king. FFG recruits Ben to join in the fight against Warlow.

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