Catonsville girl back on heart transplant list

Doctors determine Teresa Bartlinski's body rejected donor heart

June 28, 2013|By Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun

Doctors determined that Teresa Bartlinski, the 6-year-old Catonsville girl struggling to accept a donor's heart, will be re-listed on the transplant list.

The family announced on their blog,, that Teresa will remain on life support at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia until Monday when she will receive an artificial heart to bridge the time until another donor heart is available.

The child, who was born in China with a congenital heart disease, waited for nearly a year for the heart transplant she received less than two weeks ago. Teresa was adopted by a devout Roman Catholic family from Catonsville that has enlisted their church, St. Mark, and community to pray for a miracle.

"Please continue to pray for Teresa!! We need to pray that all other organs will remain stable and that she survives Monday's procedure!!" the family wrote on its blog.

The artificial heart is expected to sustain Teresa for six to eight months. She will remain at the hospital, but will come off sedation, according to the Bartlinskis.

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