Silence, please!

A list of noises that threaten nap time

June 27, 2013|By Jennifer Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun Media Group

Loud noises are a major source of strife and irritation for mothers of napping babies everywhere. (Or maybe it’s just me?)

Once the princess is asleep, shouldn’t it be the unified mission of the household -- nay, the broader community -- to maintain ideal conditions for slumber?

They say babies can sleep through a lot, but that hasn't stopped me from spiraling into a panic upon hearing the following. I sometimes catch myself (whispering) aloud: "Are you serious?!" (Note: A self-reality-check usually follows.)

• doorbell

• landline phone ringing (who calls a landline anymore?!)

• thunder

• screen door slamming

• garage door closing

• trash truck backing up

• lawnmower

• birds chirping too loudly

• TV commercials that are much louder than the regular programming

• garbage disposal

• toilet flushing

• coughing

• alarm clock

• letting bedroom door knob click closed rather than using the silent, stealth technique I have mastered

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