Mick Foley: Hall of Famer, comedian, 'Santa Claus' movie star

June 26, 2013|By Arda Ocal

This past weekend in Fairhaven, Mass., I had a chance to catch Mick Foley doing standup comedy.

I have seen him before, at "The Improv" after Summerslam 2012 in Toronto, and at other places. This is the sixth time I have seen his act. Each time after the first have been a blend of jokes that work every time, plus some new material. Foley is very topical with his humor, as it pertains to events in his career. This past weekend's shows included jokes and stories from his WWE Hall of Fame induction and doing a promo with Ryback in the ring.

Though the room was mostly filled with wrestling fans, Foley was quick to engage those who didn't follow the sport. He picked a couple of people in the audience and made them a part of the show, often doing quality checks and call backs, always well timed.

Foley is also very good at embedding stories. One story/joke will take a tangent into another story, which relates loosely to the original story being told. At times, you can get caught in a web of several stories unfolding at once, and Foley makes it easy to follow along.

The Q&A is always interesting because of the questions. In the past he has had luminaries join him on stage, but this time he was solo. When asked to sing his favorite Christmas carol, he actually sang two. 

If you haven't checked out a Foley comedy event, it's a fun time. I laughed and learned a lot.

Aside from being a WWE Hall of Famer, he is also the biggest celebrity fan of Santa Claus -- he performed this past weekend with a button shirt of St. Nick surfing in the tropics. During his set he revealed that the day before his famous Hell in a Cell match, he was at Santa's Village with his family.

Foley is involved with a new Santa Claus film project called "I am Santa Claus," which documents the lives of six individuals who portray Santa Claus and their lives away from the Christmas season. The film is currently seeking funding on KickStarter, and it is less than $5,000 away from its goal. Foley plays one of the Santas followed in the flick.

You can learn more about the film, the incentives you can receive by funding (including dinner with Mick Foley) and more here: www.iamsantaclausmovie.com

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